Best Restaurant Websites in Los Angeles

Los Angeles restaurants are using ORPHMEDIA’S high speed, AI-enhanced(currently rolling out), restaurant website platform to grow their brands and increase their overall online presence along with revenue. There’s a reason why restaurant owners are moving away from the old “restaurant website platforms of 5 years ago”, that claimed their design had a great platform behind it and drove traffic in on its own. What restaurant owners want is productivity on their website, a digital strategy for their business, and, most importantly tangible results. This is the main reason ORPH.LA has succeeded in working with some top brands in Southern California for the past 15 years.

ORPHMEDIA empowers restaurants nationwide with cutting-edge solutions tailored for the savvy WEB3/CHAT GPT audience. Embracing tools like AI and robust SEO strategies can significantly boost your online presence, efficiency, and ultimately, revenue. This is today’s standard, and LA eateries are on board. Many are launching top-tier websites, designed to captivate and guide visitors towards their objectives. They’re adopting online stores to diversify income and counter third-party fees. Plus, they’re merging their sites with advanced tech for smoother operations and a leaner, better-compensated team. Curious to see this in real-time? Explore some standout LA websites crafted on ORPHMEDIA’s leading open-source platform for restaurant marketing and commerce below.

Los Angeles, a city known for its cultural diversity and innovation, is home to a vibrant culinary scene. Here, you’ll find an array of restaurants offering a blend of traditional and exotic cuisines. Combined with the city’s digital landscape, LA’s culinary sphere has been revolutionized with our well-designed restaurant websites. Let’s embark on a culinary journey through the City of Angels via ORPHMEDIA, exploring the best restaurant websites in Los Angeles and understanding what makes them stand out.

Mel's Drive-in at night Santa Monica exterior
Mel’s Drive-in at night Santa Monica exterior


MEL’S DRIVE-IN is known for its amalgamation of pop culture, celebrities, burgers, shakes, drive-in and a stinging star in the city of Los Angeles diners. With is unique and always diverse menu, MEL’S caters to all meals of the day. Their website has a simple yet elegant design, making it easy for visitors to navigate and get the information they seek. It showcases their classic dishes, hours of operation, and a captivating Instagram gallery of their images that will get your mouth watering. The website’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-find contact information make it a seamless experience for users.


THE FACTORY KITCHEN in DTLA is a restaurant that truly celebrates food by combining the essence of Italy. Chef Auriana’ cuisine is both: experimentation on the path of tradition and the ingredients of northern Italian cooking. Its website reflects its brand ethos by providing a detailed menu, highlighting their signature dishes like the braised oxtail and roasted BBQ cauliflower. The high-resolution photos and the restaurant’s story and reviews on the site add an emotional touch and help in creating a deeper connection with the customers.


DRAGO CENTRO, located in DTLA, delivers an upscale Italian dining experience from world-renowned Los Angeles chef, Celestino Drago. Its website immediately captures your attention with minimalistic design and images of mouth-watering dishes. The site clearly displays their menu, allowing you to explore their exquisite offerings such as foie de poulet and soufflé au chocolat. The site’s easy navigation and standout call-to-action (CTA) buttons for online reservations enhance the user experience.


Flor y Solera, a lively new Spanish tapas bar in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District, that opened in March 2023. The newest restaurant from Factory Place Hospitality Group, the regionally-inspired concept is helmed by Catalan-born Chef Mònica Angelats and Beverage Director Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi, who created Flor y Solera as a celebration of the vast culinary splendors and distinct nuances of Spain’s 17 regions. Although their website is simple and the space doesn’t offer much seating, its charm lies in the authenticity it exudes. The site provides a clear display of their small yet flavorful menu, making it easy for users to decide what to order.


BRERA RISTORANTE – A concept influenced by the artsy-cool BRERA neighborhood in Milan Italy, it displays Chef Angelo’s personal culinary identity that emphasizes on the importance of the highest quality fresh ingredients and the use of cooking techniques that are meant to highlight their true flavors and presented in a minimalistic way.